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Two healthiest Super foods – Moringa Powder and Processed Quinoa

The Super Food

There is a new term making rounds in the food industry. People are trying to make their own interpretations and are slowly getting accustomed to this word, “Super Food”.

Super Foods are basically foods with a high nutrient profile. These foods are consumed with the primary purpose of gaining essential nutrients in a considerable amount. Nowadays, people normally consume food with empty calories i.e. calories with no nutrients assisting them. Hence, the demand of superfood is increasing as it is assumed to be a one-stop source of all the nutrients you need to stay healthy and fit.

Two of the very popular superfoods are – Moringa Powder and Processed Quinoa. While many people know about them, they don’t know enough. Let’s shed some light on these two superfoods and get to know their benefits.

Moringa Powder: Moringa Powder is a plant-based product, made from dried moringa leaves. Green in colour, it has an earthy and spinachy flavour to it. Moringa is considered as a superfood because it houses many rich nutrients and antioxidants. It is a great source of iron, calcium, fiber, vitamin A, K, and E.

These vitamins and minerals in this amount are rarely found in any regular food. Moringa powder contributes greatly in fulfilling the RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) of nutrients. 

Organic Moringa Leaf Powder

Moringa powder is bestowed with several health benefits.

  • The nutrients present in moringa powder ensure the normal and effective functioning of the immune system.
  • Moringa powder contains 9 essential amino acids which makes it a complete source of protein. It promotes the growth of muscle mass.
  • A high source of fiber can help to maintain a clear digestive tract and support bowel movement.
  • Calcium and Vitamin A present in it strengthens the bones and improves vision.
  • It is known to be a good aid for anti-diabetic people as it is proven to decrease blood glucose levels.
  • Moringa powder has one of the highest amounts of antioxidants. They fight off free radicals and prevent cell damage.

Since moringa powder is made from leaves, it is important to choose a good quality product. While it is definitely healthier from all the synthetic supplements, not every moringa powder is made equal. To get the most of all benefits explained in theory, opt for Organic Moringa Powder.

Organic Moringa Powder is made from organically produced moringa leaves. The conventionally grown food has chemicals and pesticides in them that are a cause of many long term diseases. They imbalance our hormones and damage our cells. Organic Moringa Powder is the purest and healthiest option you can find.

Processed Quinoa: Most of the people are still unaware about this miraculous food. Quinoa can be cooked and eaten just like any other grains. But it is far from ordinary. It is a superfood with an extremely impressive nutrition profile.

It is a great source of protein, iron, fiber, potassium, calcium, magnesium and manganese. It is also rich in several types of plant-based antioxidants.

Organic Processed Quinoa Processed Quinoa is known to endow various health benefits. 

  • The antioxidants present in it protect the body against several types of chronic diseases like inflammation, heart diseases, diabetes, and certain types of cancer. 
  • Quinoa is naturally gluten-free. It proves to be a great substitute for those who are glucose intolerant or suffer from celiac disease.
  • Quinoa helps in weight management as it contains loads of nutrients and helps to reduce overall calorie intake.
  • It contains all the essential amino acids that body can’t produce. They are necessary for maintaining overall health of the body.
  • Nutrients like potassium and magnesium lack in our daily diet. Their deficiency can cause muscle weakness and fatigue.

Quinoa is usually available in natural and organic food shops. It is important to check the packaging and processing details on the back of the product before buying it. The said nutrients and health benefits of superfood are availed to you only from the best quality products.

Organic Processed Quinoa is a whole grain that is organically grown without any use of chemicals and pesticides. Search for organic verified seals on the package to ensure that this product is 100% natural and pure.


Summing it up

As we discovered, Organic Moringa Powder and Organic Processed Quinoa have many health benefits. Moreover, they are also very versatile food. You can make smoothies and shakes using moringa powder. It can be also sprinkled in soups, salads, stews, and baked goods. Processed Quinoa can be used to make salads, upma, oatmeals, etc,. It can be used to replace white rice in several recipes. 


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