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Travel Pack available at Re:fresh

We at Re:fresh feel that on-the-go grooming shouldn't be a bother. Our travel packs are made for all of those people who are always on the go and forget about their body care. Our travel kits can fit into any size suitcase and contain all the essentials for your personal care. They are perfect for staying in a hotel or camping out in the wilderness, our products provide all the items one needs to stay refreshed on their journey.

Products contained in Re:fresh Travel Pack are Shamoo, Body wash, Body milk, Body Scrub and Face wash. Re:fresh Travel packs are available in 6 different fruity variants. The refreshing fruity fragrance of these products makes Re:fresh Travel packs, worth a try. These fruity flavours are Mango, Lychee, Orange, Strawberry, Peach and Watermelon. The tropical fragrance of Mango can make you feel relaxed and composed. Products having the citrusy fragrance of Oranges can instantly refresh your senses. The sweet scent of strawberries can calm your mind. Lychee adds a delightful aroma to your skin and scalp. Peach products have a rich and delicate fragrance that can be your all time favourite. Watermelon products have an exquisite fragrance that can instantly energize you. 

Re:fresh Travel Pack is the perfect companion for your journeys.  With all essential personal care products, you can explore new places with peace of mind.


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