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Refresh Black salt or kala namak is a unique and natural salt which comprises of 84 normal components which are fundamental for our body. Black salt in contrast to other conventional salts, doesn't add sodium substance to food.

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Refresh Black Salt forms brownish pink to dark violet translucent crystals when whole. Kala namak consists primarily of sodium chloride and trace impurities of sodium sulfate, sodium bi-sulfate, sodium bi-sulfide, sodium sulfide, iron sulfide and hydrogen sulfide. It has a faintly sulfurous and smoky flavour and has a very unusual aroma. When grounded into the small crystals or in powder form, it changes colour to pink. Its smoky tangy taste heightens the flavour of food. Black salt is very rich in nutrition because it is also made up of iron and potassium chloride. It detoxifies the liver, helps in digestion and is heart-healthy.

Ways to Use Refresh Black Salt:-

  • Refresh black salt black salt is mainly used to enhance the flavour of Indian dishes like chutneys, buttermilk, pickles, salads, ritas etc.

Benefits of Refresh Black Salt:-

  • It cures constipation, bloating, respiratory and Intestinal gas problems.
  • Controls diabetes, checks cholesterol levels and maintains the blood sugar level in the body.
  • Treats joint pains and disorders.
  • Help in reducing weight and boosts metabolism.


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