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Ayurveda is an ancient science that guides us towards a holistic lifestyle. It is still prevalent in India with many people relying on Ayurvedic remedies for their disorders. Ayurveda believes in the power of herbs.

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The medicinal properties of these miraculous herbs are formulated into Ayurvedic tablets and powders in this RSR Ayurvedic Business Kit. This kit includes 20 Ayurvedic tablets and powders, all of which can be used as home remedies to treat fever, cold or other common disorders. They can be even used as a supplement to strengthen bones, boost immunity and improve brain function. 

This combo Kit comprises of -

Moringa Ghan Tablet - 120 Tab.1
Amla Ghan Tablet - 120 Tab.1
Neem Ghan Tablet - 120 Tab.1
Shatavari Ghan Tablet - 120 Tab.1
Tulsi Ghan Tablet - 120 Tab.1
Jambubij Ghan Tablet - 120 Tab.1
Jethimadh Ghan Tablet - 120 Tab.1
Karela Ghan Tablet - 120 Tab.1
Harde Ghan Tablet - 120 Tab.1
Triphala Ghan Tablet - 120 Tab.1
Ayush Kwath Tablet - 120 Tab.1
Ashwagandha Ghan Tablet - 120 Tab.2
Sudarshan Ghan Tablet - 120 Tab.2
Galo (Giloy) Ghan Tablet - 120 Tab.2
Brahmi Powder - 100 gm1
Jethimadh Powder - 100 gm1
Methi Powder - 100 gm2
Tulsi Powder - 100 gm1
Aloevera Powder - 100 gm1
Amla Powder - 100 gm1


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