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Refresh Farsan Chutney is taken with many famous Gujarati snacks. Without this chutney, the snacks lose half of their significance. It has a mild taste and creamy texture which makes these snacks even more delicious.

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Many farsan shops give you a delicious creamy farsan chutney along with snacks. It is slightly different from the regular green chutney and gives the snacks an interesting taste. Refresh farsan chutney goes well with all Gujarati snacks. Now that many people want to make these popular snacks at home, Refresh offers farsan chutney in a user-friendly bottle so that your traditional snack experience at home doesn’t go incomplete.

Ingredients Used:-

  • Refresh Farsan Chutney consists of nutrient-rich and flavourful ingredients like tamarind, date, coriander, cumin, red chilli powder, and dry ginger.

Perfect Condiment:-

  • Refresh Farsan Chutney is famously eaten with Gujarati snacks and fast food. It is a compulsory condiment with meals like locho, khaman, fafda, thepla, khandvi, idla, etc. Farsan Chutney is thick in consistency and adds a sweet and spicy flavour to the meals.

Benefits of Refresh Farsan Chutney:-

  • Any Gujarati snack is incomplete without farsan chutney.
  • The chutney adds distinct flavour and texture to several breakfast and snack items.
  • Finest Quality ingredients are used for the chutney to have a long shelf life.
  • A low-calorie chutney with nutrients like fiber, protein, and iron.
  • Free from any chemicals, flavouring, and additives.

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