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Refresh floor cleaner kills all the germs and bacteria that cannot be seen. It is a highly effective cleaner that makes your cleaning job much easier. It has a pleasant and soothing fragrance of jasmine which helps to maintain calm nature in our surroundings.
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It is a fact that you can think and work better in a clean environment. That’s why cleaning your space regularly is very important. Refresh floor cleaner is a disinfectant liquid that helps you to clean your floors and make them spot free. You just need to take a little amount every time you want to use it and it will clean the majority of your space. It is also important to clean your space because bacteria and viruses grow in an unclean environment that can further lead to diseases.

About This Item:-

  • Refresh floor cleaner effectively cleans the floor surfaces and makes them neat and shiny. It removes dirt and dust, making the floors spot-free.
  • It helps to keep homes, offices, hospitals and other such places clean and hygienic. It can possibly kill all the unseen microorganisms that spread diseases.
  • The floor cleaner cleans the most stubborn stains with ease. One does not need to put tremendous effort into scratching the floors to remove stains.
  • After use, the floor cleaner imparts a comforting and pleasant fragrance. The scent elevates the tidiness of the place and makes it look more presentable.
  • Floor Cleaner Jasmine imparts a widely popular floral scent. It may help to create a comforting ambience.

Benefits of Refresh Jasmine Floor Cleaner :-

Cleans Floors Effectively

Refresh floor cleaner removes dirt, dust and stains on the floor surfaces. It may also kill all the unseen germs and bacteria.

Used for All Types of Materials

The floor cleaner is versatile in nature. It can be used on all types of floors. The cleaner’s tendency to remove stains might be the same on every floor type.

Refreshing Fragrance

The floor cleaner also eliminates bad odour that arises out of unkempt spaces. After use, it adds a refreshing fragrance.

Easy to Use

Refresh floor cleaner never makes you feel that cleaning is a task. It is very easy and convenient to use.

Why to Choose Refresh Jasmine Floor Cleaner :-

  1. Provides Spot-free Shine -
    • This floor cleaner adds a sparkling shine to all types of floors.
  2. Removes Stubborn Stains Easily. -
    • Floor cleaning isn’t a tough task with the stain-removing properties of Refresh Floor Cleaners.
  3. May kill bacteria and viruses -
    • Along with stains, this cleaner also removes fatal germs from the floor and keeps them hygienic.
  4. Used on all Types of Floor Surfaces -
    • This floor cleaner has the same efficacy on all floor types.
  5. The product of a trusted FMCG brand -
    • Refresh Floor Cleaners is a loved and trusted product of Refresh.

Manufacturers Details: RHYTHM CHEMICALS | C-1/234, New GIDC, Kabilpore, Navsari, Gujarat-396424

Marketed by : REFRESH WELLNESS PRIVATE LIMITED | Block No. 502, B Tower, Udhna Udhyognagar Sangh Commercial Complex, Central Road 10, Udhna Surat - 394210. | FSSAI LIC.NO.:10019021004555
For customer feedback contact us on 9909020696 or e-mail at cc@refreshyourlife.in or write at above mentioned address.


Rating 5/5 based on 3 reviews

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Chaturthi Traders
Chaturthi Traders

which is best floor cleaner liquid with fragrance in India

"I recently found a floor cleaner with a delightful fragrance. It not only cleans my floors thoroughly but also leaves a long-lasting and pleasant aroma in the house. It's become a must-have in my cleaning routine!" Visit: https://chaturthitraders.com/best-floor-cleaner-liquid-with-fragrance/

Rehan Ahmad
Rehan Ahmad

Genuine and Works Very Well

The floor appears more hygienic and clean. You can expect an insect-free floor after using this. Try it out. You only need one Cap per bucket.


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