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Refresh jaggery powder is made purely out of sugarcane juice. Powdered form of jaggery, it consists of the same taste and nutrients as jaggery.
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Refresh jaggery powder is the perfect substitute for white sugar. The refined sugar has empty calories and high carbohydrates. Regularly eating refined sugar can weaken immune system and lead to several diseases. Substituting jaggery powder in tea, coffee, smoothies, desserts and other food items will give you the same amount of sweetness and you will be getting much more nutrition than white sugar. 

Refresh Jaggery powder is unprocessed, unrefined natural and pure jaggery made out of sugarcane. To lead a health lifestyle, one must cut down on sugar and replace it with jaggery powder. Refresh Jaggery powder comes in a very convenient packaging. The powder comes in small cube packs with amount appropriate for one time serving. There are 20 such units in the jar that’s enough for few months use. 

Ways to use Refresh Jaggery Powder:-

  • Refresh Jaggery Powder blends well in tea, coffee and smoothies and helps you cut down on white sugar. You can even use jaggery powder in desserts and curries to attain natural sweetness and more nutrition. 

Benefits of Refresh jaggery powder:-

  • Healthier substitute of white sugar.
  • Provides natural sweetness to various meals.
  • Nutritious and safe sweetener for everyday use. 
  • Provides energy and makes you feel active for a longer time.
  • Unlike white sugar, it doesn’t spike blood sugar levels.
  • The powder blends easily into drinks and meals.


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