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Refresh My family health kit is composed of 14 Ayurvedic tablets. These tablets are carefully selected to provide every spectrum of health benefits to make your body stronger and healthier. All tablets have distinct features and benefits that you and your family can avail.
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An Ayurvedic health kit is a very important health care resource to have at your home. Refresh My Family health kit is the ultimate Ayurvedic kit you need to protect the health of your family naturally. Refresh family kit is a 14 tablet kit designed to help every member of your family in terms of availing nutrition, prevention and cure for disorders. These 14 tablets have diverse and distinct benefits of several medicinal herbs like Tulsi, Amla, Neem haritaki, Ashwagandha and many more. All these herbs provide strength to the body and boosts the immunity to prevent/fight several diseases.

Why choose this kit ?

  • 14 tablets to solve multiple disorders and provide nutrition with a wide array of beneficial herbs.
  • Kit that consists of Ayurvedic remedies that everyone in your family can use.
  • Varied Ayurvedic formulations used to boost immunity, make your body internally stronger and improve body functions.
  • Every Effective Ayurvedic remedy is available in this kit that can solve problems related to digestion, liver, Heart, stomach etc.,
  • This kit helps to balance all the doshas (body elements) and boosts energy levels to make you feel stronger, healthier and more active.


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