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Benefits of Oregano - Boosts immunity, Aids in digestion and Improves heart health

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Oregano is a long lasting herb with rose-purple or white flowers with taste which reminds you of thyme. Oregano is spicy, Mediterranean, perennial herb, usually common in Greek and Italian cuisines. Oregano, also called origanum, aromatic perennial herb of mint family is known for its flavorful dried leaves and flowering tops. This herb has been an essential ingredient of Mediterranean cooking and is widely used to season many foods.

Refresh Oregano leaves may be used fresh or dried (the flavor is more pungent when the leaves are dried). It is the ultimate herb which is used in tomato bases in pizzas.

Benefits of Oregano:

  • The conventional oregano plant bears tiny leaves, which have a pungent scent and strong flavor.

  • Its edible flowers are pink or purple in color and can be eaten in salads or are used to garnish dishes.

  • Oregano is a culinary and medicinal herb extracted from mint.

  • It contains potent antioxidants and to have anti-bacterial properties.

  • Active ingredients in oregano can help to treat osteoporosis, cancer, and diabetes.


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