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Organic Barley Atta

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Benefits of Organic Barley Atta - It is loaded with fibre and Helps in weight loss

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One of the most seasoned grains, organic barley atta is one of the most beneficial nourishment. It is an amazing wellspring of both dis solvable and insoluble fiber which guarantees your general long haul well-being. Barley flour is mild and chewy in nature and it has slightly nutty flavor that complements regular and whole grain flours.

Refresh's Organic Barley Flour is of the finest quality that has low gluten content, slightly fewer calories and more than 4 times the fiber. It can actually help to tenderize baked goods while still lending enough gluten to the recipe to allow it to rise properly. This flour can be used as a substitute for wheat in quick breads, muffins and cookies.

Benefits of Organic Barley Atta:

  • Whole grain barley contains a range of minerals, vitamins and beneficial plant compounds. Soaking or sprouting barley can improve absorption levels.

  • Such atta reduce hunger and help to lose weight.

  • Insoluble and Soluble Fiber content will improves digestive system of human body.

  • It may reduce the risk occurrence of Heart Disease.

  • Beta-Glucan present in it, may help to lower cholesterol levels.


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