Organic Black Pepper Whole

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Refresh organic black pepper whole provides a strong spicy and smoky flavour to many dishes. It is often used to add an edge to the flavours of various dishes. The whole pepper imparts its flavour and taste when added to the meals.

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Refresh Organic Black Pepper develops as berries on the tropical pepper plant, Piper nigrum. Dark pepper is produced using the unripe reaped berries that when dried becomes darker. Black pepper whole provides more flavour and taste than white pepper. Whole Black peppercorn has a very strong flavour and is used either whole or ground in several Indian recipes. Black pepper, normally used in cooking and garnishing in different cuisines, comes with lots of health benefits. Black pepper has the characteristic of being antibacterial and therefore helps to cure cold and cough. It also relieves stomach disorders and improves digestive cores.

Ways to Use Refresh Organic Black Pepper Whole:-

Refresh organic black pepper whole is used to add spice to dishes like curries, biryani, stew and gravies. It is also added in salad dressings to give them a hint of spice.

Benefits of Refresh Organic Black Pepper Whole:-

  • Black pepper has a strong and lingering flavour.
  • It is widely used in Indian cuisines.
  • It is rich in nutrients and aids with digestion.
  • Helps to reduce inflammation and enhances nutrient absorption.
  • Whole Black pepper contains antimicrobial compounds that help keep food fresh.


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