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Organic Buck Wheat Atta

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Benefits of Organic Buck Wheat Atta - It is gluten free, Rich in protein and Helps in controlling blood pressure

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Organic Buckwheat Atta is energizing and nutritious, is accessible used through out the year and can be filled in as a choice to rice.

Refresh's Buckwheat Flour is finely grounded and bolted through a fine wire screen from whole buckwheat. Buckwheat is an herb with alternative leaves and clusters of pinkish white flowers and triangular seeds. Buckwheat hulled seeds are used as a cereal grain 'kasha', and are good source of protein than soya beans and contain no gluten as compared to other grains.

Benefits of Organic Buck Wheat Atta:

  • Refresh Organic Buck Wheat Atta is gluten free, rich in protein and helps in controlling blood pressure

  • Protects against cancer.

  • A good source of vegetarian protein.


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