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Organic Cardamom Black Whole

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Popularly known as Doda or Kali Elaychi, it forms the bulk of Garam Masala.

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Whole Black Cardamom has the aroma of camphor and is used to enhance other spices with which it is paired. Its smoky taste adds flavor to biryani and slow simmered meat curries and various vegetables. After crushing between fingers, Black Cardamom can be used to enhance and intensify the taste of other ingredients. Cardamom is widely used in traditional medicines and is ideal for braises, stews, and any other dish that can benefit from a layer of smoky, mouth-watering flavor.

It is therefore consumed in fairly large quantities in India. Refresh Black Cardamom Whole has a unique flavor and aroma and is considered a HEATING spice. It is a vital ingredient in combination with cloves, cinnamon, and black pepper for preparation of garam masala. Black cardamom is stronger than green cardamom, with a bold, resinous, and smoky flavor. It is used to give depth to masala and tandoori-style spice mixtures.

Benefits of Organic Cardamom Black Whole:

  • Popularly known as Doda or Kali Elachi.

  • It forms the bulk of Garam Masala.

  • Antioxidant and Diuretic Properties in it may lower blood pressure.

  • Protect from chronic diseases.

  • Treats problem of bad breath and prevent cavities.

  • It has Antibacterial effects and that can restrict infections.


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