Organic Chickpea Kabuli Dollar - 5 KG

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Benefits of Organic Chickpea Kabuli Dollar - Low in fat, High in fiber and Rich in protein, minerals with low Glycemic index

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Organic Chickpea Kabuli Dollar is a prevalent item commonly known as Chhole. Mostly two qualities are sold in market, based on size. Organic Kabuli Chana are rich in protein & highly nutritious with a wholesome flavor.It is free from chemicals and pesticides, and has good taste.

Refresh's organic Kabuli chana is low in fat, high in fiber, protein, minerals, has low Glycemic index level. Being the best in quality without any adulteration, immense care is taken for health of our consumers. Kabuli chana contains fiber which helps to reduce cholesterol levels and stabilize blood sugar level. Chick pea has ability to increase chances for satiety and decrease calorie intake in body. Organic chickpea is cooked as a delicacy during celebrations and gatherings in India and abroad. It tastes yummy and supplements well with bread, chapatti, roti and parathas.

Benefits of Organic Chickpea Kabuli Dollar:

  • Kabuli Chickpeas reduce the risk of heart disease as it has antioxidant component that makes up of these legumes.

  • High vitamin and mineral composition of kabuli chana can help to stabilize digestive impact on blood sugar.

  • It contains molybdenum which is a trace mineral that is needed for human body mechanism to detoxify sulfides.

  • High in fiber and rich in protein, minerals with low Glycemic index level.


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