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Organic Coriander Split

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Benefits of Organic Coriander Split - It improves hair and skin quality, Lowers cholesterol and Facilitates hair growth

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Coriander seeds are used as Dhania Dal which is quite popular in India and usually consumed after meals. Organic Coriander seeds when crushed have a lemony citrus flavor and are nutty, spicy and orange flavored. Its seeds are almost spherical, one end is slightly pointed, the other end is slightly flattened and have many longitudinal ridges. Its color is usually brown when dried, but may be green or off white sometimes. Dried roasted Organic Coriander seeds are consumed after meals, either alone or in combination with saunf or sesame seeds.

Refresh Organic Coriander Split seeds are well known in India for the most part devoured after dinners either alone or in mix with saunf, sesame seeds. When squashed have a lemony citrus season and are nutty, hot and orange-enhanced.

Benefits of Organic Coriander Split:

  • Coriander is used as a digestive aid.

  • It is a very good mouth Freshener.

  • It improves hair and skin quality,

  • Lowers cholesterol levels.

  • It has anti-diabetic properties and promotes insulin growth.


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