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Organic Corn Flour

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Benefits of Organic Corn Flour - Contains beneficial nutrients and Rich in protein and fibre

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Organic Corn Flour grains have been carefully processed into gluten free corn flour. This mild corn flour lends itself to various recipes without altering the taste of your food. As a thickening agent, corn starch helps to make sauces creamier, gravy is thick and cake is tender with a crumbly texture.

Refresh Organic corn flour contains all the supplements from the wheat, germ and endosperm. It's magnificently tasty, and its fine surface delivers a delicate cornbread that is richer and less brittle than one made with ordinary corn. You can use organic corn flour to make delicious pancake, biscuit or bread,etc..

Benefits of Organic Corn Flour:

  • Used as thickening agent

  • Gluten-free

  • Great for baked goods

  • Rich in protein and fibre


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