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Organic Cowpea Dal Mogar

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Benefits of Organic Cowpea Dal Mogar - High in protein, calcium and folate and Aids in reducing cholesterol and increasing digestion

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Organic cowpea dal mogar also known as chawli beans or lobia rongi is rich shaded lentil which has dark imprint in its internal bend. It is useful to make perfect sprouts and might be served, sprinkled on plates of mixed greens.

Refresh Organic Cowpea Dal Mogar is the finest quality creamish colored lentil with prominent black mark in the inner curve and rich in protein. Refresh's Cowpea dal mogar is high in proteins, calcium, folate.

Benefits of Organic Cowpea Dal Mogar:

  • The dietary fibers present in it, reduces cholesterol levels and aids in intestinal mobility.

  • Chawli Beans are known to reduce the acid-alkaline imbalance.

  • High in protein, calcium and folate.

  • They are impeccably prepared as Dal or served in a salad.


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