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Organic Cumin Whole

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Benefit of Organic Cumin Whole - Controls diabetes, Promotes weight loss and fat reduction and Improves blood cholesterol

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Made In: India
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Organic Cumin Whole is nutty, earthy, and slightly peppery giving it a unique warming flavor. The unique nutty pepper-like aroma and taste are versatile and can be used to add layers of delicious flavors to all types of savory dishes both vegetable and meat based. Cumin spice seeds are often chewed after meal and are mostly used for calming excess vata in the lower abdomen and promoting a comfortable post dining experience.

Refresh Organic Cumin otherwise called as "Jeera" in Hindi, is a flavor gotten from the dried seeds of the herb Cuminum cyminum. The nutty pepper-like fragrances and tastes are adaptable and can be utilized to add delicious flavor to various dishes.

Benefits of Organic Cumin Whole:

  • Controls diabetes.

  • Promotes weight loss and fat reduction.

  • Improves blood cholesterol levels.

  • Helps digest natural toxins.

  • Rich Source of Iron.

  • Prevents food-borne illnesses.


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