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Organic Farfalle Pasta

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Benefits of Organic Farfalle Pasta - Good source of fiber and carbohydrates, High in vitamins and minerals and Boosts energy

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This organic farfalle (butterflies) pasta is made from high quality durum wheat. Farfalle noodles can become an easy base to any pasta dish. It is an authentic pasta that cooks up evenly and holds sauces beautifully and is as delicious in taste. Add boiling water in noodles and make a sauce and Farfalle Pasta will be ready to eat in no time. It is great with creamy sauces or thick (smooth) tomato sauces. It is very popularly used pasta in salads.

Refresh Organic Farfalle Pasta is named for its "butterfly" shape. Such pasta easily combines with various flavors. It is ideal for lighter sauces, hot or cold, and pairs well with vegetables and other little fixings.

Benefits of Organic Farfalle Pasta:

  • Good sources of fiber and carbohydrates

  • High in vitamins and minerals

  • Boosts energy

  • Made with an exclusive blend of the highest quality durum wheat with a high gluten content.


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