Organic Fenugreek

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Refresh organic fenugreek or methi is a major component of curry powders and the famous Indian spice mixture. Fenugreek is a common ingredient that goes into making several dishes of Indian cuisine, particularly stews and curries.

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Refresh Organic Fenugreek or methi has a powerful and bittersweet maple-like flavour. The smell is penetrating and becomes spicy when ground. Fenugreek seeds have been utilized for various culinary purposes for centuries. It is namely used as a spice, supplement and as flavouring agent. It is a common addition in preparation of mango chutney and pickles, for a tangy aroma. Fenugreek is used in preparing many Indian dals and vegetable dishes. The seeds can also be used to make tea and used as a coffee substitute. Its delicate maple-like flavour makes it perfect for baked goods and confectioneries and for the creation of imitation maple syrups.

Ways to use Refresh Organic Fenugreek:-

Fenugreek can be used in both whole and ground form. Refresh fenugreek is an essential part of many recipes. It can be used in curries, vegetable savouries, chutneys etc.

Benefits of Refresh Organic Fenugreek:-

  • Refresh Fenugreek helps to lower blood sugar levels.
  • Great source of Vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin C and B Vitamins.
  • Aids in digestion and helps with digestion related problems.
  • A natural remedy for skin and hair problems.
  • 100% organic product. No chemicals and pesticides used.


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