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Organic Garam Masala

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Benefits of Organic Garam Masala - Lowers blood sugar levels, Fights disease and builds immunity and also Slows the aging process

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Garam Masala is a blend of common grounded spices. Organic Garam Masala is a healthy ingredient for all Indian dishes, as it is a mixture obtained from natural sources. Garam Masala is a a warm, North Indian spice blend that features robust spices like cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and cumin. Using this unique blend can save the time it takes to make authentic masala while delivering the same great flavor. When garam masala is added to soups and stews, it is used as a rub for poultry or meat before roasting, broiling, grilling, or sprinkled before serving.

Refresh Organic Garam Masala is a blend of flavors like cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and cumin. This best garam masala is a solid element for every single Indian dish, since the whole blend is gotten from natural sources.

Benefits of Organic Garam Masala:

  • Lowers blood sugar levels.

  • Fights disease and builds immunity.

  • Slows the ageing process.

  • Boosts Metabolism.

  • Fights Bloating and Flatulence.

  • Full of Antioxidants.


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