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Organic Green Cardamom Whole

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Benefits of Organic Green Cardamom Whole - Lowers blood pressure, Treats bad breath and prevents cavity and Helps with digestive problems

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Green Cardamom Powder is used for enriching dishes with its typical flavor and fragrance. It is high in value, versatile and has a pleasing flavor that makes it a must in today’s gourmet pantry. Green cardamom Powder can be conveniently used for baking and other applications where the spices are required to be base ground. Cardamom is mostly used to add aroma to cakes, cookies, fruit compotes, marinades, charcuterie, wines and liqueurs. Cardamom powder is the main ingredients of Indian curry.

Refresh Organic Elaichi Powder is utilized for enhancing variety of dishes with its regular flavor and aroma. Accessible in its best unit structure, the organic green cardamom powder is utilized in preparation of various dishes and for therapeutic- to heal diseases.

Benefits of Organic Green Cardamom Powder:

  • Lowers blood pressure.

  • Treats bad breath and prevents cavity.

  • Helps with digestive problems including ulcers.

  • It possesses antioxidant and diuretic properties.


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