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Organic Green Chilli Powder

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Benefits of Organic Green Chilli Powder - Rich in calcium and vitamins A, C & K, Improves bone and dental health and Reduces inflammation

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Made In: India
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Organic Green chilli powder adds a deep and rich flavor to various dishes. Perfect ingredient for seasoning of chicken and fish. Go great in curies or gravy recipes. It has natural flavors with no chemical residuals or additives. It is mostly used in the preparation of pickles, chutneys & green sauce, soups, chiles, salsas, marinades and dry rubs.

Refresh Organic Green Chilli Powder is a vegetarian nourishment produced from natural green chillies which are reaped, sun dried and powdered under clean conditions to embellish your tasty dishes. Hari mirch powder is utilized in soups, chiles, salsas, marinades, etc.

Benefits of Organic Chilli Powder:

  • Green chilli powder is rich in calcium and vitamins A, C & K.

  • Improves bone strength and dental health.

  • Reduces inflammation.

  • Green chilli is rich in dietary fibre which is helps to improve the digestive system.

  • Keeps skin healthy and glowing.


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