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Refresh organic Gujarati Chai Masala is a Spice Powder (Masala Powder) used for the preparation of Masala Tea.This masala is enriched with the goodness of a strong, aromatic blend of chosen organic herbs.

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Refresh Organic Gujarati Tea Masala is used to make special Gujarati masala chai. It is a masala that is made with a special blend of ingredients that gives a tinge of spicy taste to your cup of tea. The tea masala is enriched with the integrity of a solid, fragrant mix of picked natural herbs. Chai lovers, especially Indians like their tea with a strong flavour and taste. Tea masala helps to make the beverage stronger and refreshing. The flavour is enhanced with ginger, holy basil, mulethi, poppy seeds, cloves and cinnamon. All the ingredients used to make the tea masala or chai masala are premium quality ingredients that are grown organically.

Ways to use Refresh Organic Gujarati Tea Masala:-

  • Refresh Organic Gujarati Tea masala is used to make a special kind of chai that has a strong flavour and taste. This chai is aromatic and slightly spicy. The tea masala helps to make the chai more refreshing.

Benefits of Organic Gujarati Tea Masala:-

  • Prevents cold and nasal congestion.
  • Boosts energy and immunity and improves metabolism.
  • Aids in Digestion and it is heart-healthy.
  • Improves concentration and helps to control blood pressure.
  • 100% organic and certified product.

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