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Organic Italian Rusk Stick

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Benefits of Organic Italian Rusk Stick - Organic & 100% Pesticides Free and Free from Chemicals and Pesticides

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Organic Italian Seasoning flavored rusk stick is free from Argemone oil. Authentic seasoning taste without any color and chemical. The sweet rusk is made from wheat flour, sugar, fat, leavening agent, and, optionally, eggs.

Refresh Organic Italian rusk stick is a hard, dry scone or twice-heated bread made with the best natural wheat maida. Rusk stick is topped with Italian seasoning for enhanced taste.

Benefits of Organic Italian Rusk Stick:

  • Rusk Toast are 100% Pesticides Free

  • Free from Chemicals

  • Dunk rusk biscuit in day to day tea to enhance tea-time experience.


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