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Organic Jal Jeera Masala

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Benefits of Organic Jal Jeera Masala - Best for acidity, Helps in detoxification and Aids digestion

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Jal jeera masala powder or cumin seed cooler is a delicious spicy appetizer drinks. This jal jeera is an Indian lemonade recipe which goes well as with any meal especially in summers. Jal jeera Masala powder is a summer delight, delicious, spicy, refreshing and appetizing drink. It keeps the body cool & protected from sun-strokes and best to digest the food. It contains pudina (mint) as an ingredient which is good for digestion and intestinal health.

Refresh Organic Jal Jeera Masala powder or cumin seed cooler is a delectable fiery tidbit drinks. Jaljira powder is a spiced Indian lemonade formula which goes well as a backup with any dinner, particularly in summers.

Benefits of Organic Jal Jeera Masala:

  • It is best for getting relief from acidity.

  • Helps in detoxification and aids in digestion.

  • It helps relieves intestinal gas and heart burns.

  • Treats Nausea.


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