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Organic Jowar Flour

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Benefits of Organic Jowar Flour - Boosts immunity, Rich in protein and iron and Contains Vitamins, Minerals and Micronutrients

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Organic Jowar Whole is a white sorghum flour can be used to provide nutritional benefits associated with whole grains. Refresh offers a gluten free solution that is more economical than specialty starches and competitively less priced then other flours.

Refresh's Jowar whole flour is advisable for those who cannot tolerate wheat flour, and specifically for people with cardiac disease, who suffer from a life-long inflammatory condition of the intestinal tract caused by gluten. Organic jowar flour can be utilized as an option in contrast to wheat flour to make chapatis. In contrast to ordinary wheat, Jowar or Sorghum prompts quicker and simpler absorption and serves a power house of fundamental supplements.

Benefits of Organic Jowar Flour:

  • Jowar whole grain is a good source of essential nutrients like calcium, iron, phosphorous and potassium and Rich in protein and fibre.

  • Jowar whole has good quality fibre which can help facilitate digestion, manage obesity, regulate blood sugar levels and curb the risk of high blood pressure and strokes.

  • It helps to stay an fit and is rich in minerals and vitamins.


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