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Organic Jowar Whole

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Benefits of Organic Jowar Whole - Rich in anti-oxidants and Provides Vitamin E & B complex

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Organic Jowar Whole forms an important part of Indian diet. Roti's made form jowar are soft and nutritious. Jowar whole grain is a high energy substitute to corn flakes. The millet grain in it is a perfect substitute to wheat for chapatti making. It is healthy and easy on digestion and provides adequate nutrition value.

Benefits of Organic Jowar Whole:

  • Refresh Organic Jowar whole contains a good amount of fibre, and it has around 48 % of what is required by our body and helps to improve digestion.

  • Improves heart health and controls blood sugar level.

  • Jowar is a powerhouse of essential vitamins, antioxidants and minerals, high in protein.

  • For those who are suffering from gluten intolerance, gluten allergies or are suffering with cediac disease, Jowar is a brilliant alternative other than wheat.

  • Jowar whole is rich in anti-oxidants and provides Vitamin E & B complex to body.


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