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Organic Lavas

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Benefits of Organic Lavas - It is a good appetizer and digestive, Free from gluten and 100% Organic

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Lavas is a perennial plant from the insect family (Umbelliferae or Apiaceae). It is also known under the name maggiplant, because its strong scent corresponds to maggie aroma. Lavas is a herbaceous plant that originates from southern Europe.

Refresh Organic Lavas chips is a form of Indian Snacks chips dipped with Cheese Powder, Spices, Beetroot powder regularly filled in as a bite or appetizer. Lavas chips plays an important part in various forms of dishes including different fixings or as a principle dish.

Benefits of Organic Lavas:

  • It is a good appetizer and digestive.

  • Free from gluten and 100% Organic.


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