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Organic Mace Whole

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Benefits of Organic Mace Whole - Assists in red blood cell formation, Helps treat insomnia and Treats inflammation

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Mace is outer leathery aril of nutmeg seed. Mace has the aroma of nutmeg, with lighter flavor, reminiscent of citrus, cinnamon, and clove. Mace is light in color and can be used in light-colored dishes where the darker flecks of nutmeg are not desirable. Mace works explicitly well with milk dishes like custards and cream sauces. It contributes to flavoring light-colored cakes and pastries, donuts. Nutmeg spice can also be added to mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes creates a more interesting extra dish.

Refresh Organic Mace Whole is utilized since years in customary prescriptions by Indians. It has a flavor like nutmeg which is lighter and sensitive. Maze whole is known for its culinary and therapeutic uses, mace is profoundly nutritious and amazingly wealthy in protein and fiber.

Benefits of Organic Mace Whole:

  • Assists in red blood cells formation.

  • Helps to treat insomnia.

  • Treats inflammation.

  • Used in treating cancer, kidney disease, and trouble sleeping.

  • It has extensive usage- from curries, sweets, to cosmetic products.


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