Organic Masoor Whole - 5 KG

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Benefits of Organic Masoor Whole - Rich in proteins and minerals and also Contains dietary fibres and vitamins

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Made In: India
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Masoor dal fulfill your daily protein requirements and can be used as an ingredient for everyday meal. Masoor Dal Whole also known as pink lentil differs in color from greenish brown to red and yellow. It is used for quick and easy suppers as can be cooked quickly and does not need to be soaked prior to cooking.

Refresh Organic masoor whole also known as green moong is exceptional for fast and simple dinners since it cooks rapidly and shouldn't be soaked before cooking. It is ideal for instant preparation of DAL or lentil plates of mixed greens.

Benefits of Organic Masoor Whole:

  • Moong whole is rich in proteins and minerals and contains dietary fibres and necessary vitamins.

  • It is a healthy and nutritious form of legume.

  • Widely used for making soups, dals, instant recipes.

  • High protein content

  • Help to stabilize blood sugar level and reduces cholesterol levels.


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