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Organic Mexican Seasoning

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Benefits of Organic Mexican Seasoning - Reduces inflammation, Strengthens immunity system and Improves digestion

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Inspired by flavors of Mexico, Organic Mexican Seasoning blend is spicy and earthy. You can add it to soups, rice dishes or seasoned meat. Need to use 1 tablespoon per 1 LB meat as a dry rub or combine with oil to make delicious marinade. To prepare vegetable fajitas, use 1 tablespoon seasoning per 2 cups vegetables and combine it with lime juice and salt.

Ingredients: organic paprika, organic chili California, organic chili Pasilla, organic onion, organic pepper, organic cumin, and organic oregano.

Refresh Organic Mexican Seasoning can also be added to salad dressings, stews or simmering pork, beans and soups for delicious zesty taste. Mexican seasoning is made with garlic, oregano, chili powder and roasted cumin seeds and give stronger flavor and an authentic kick to Mexican favorites. The combination of garlic, chili, onion, oregano will please any palate and kicks up any dish.

Benefits of Organic Mexican Seasoning:

  • This all-purpose Mexican seasoning is perfect to add authentic flavor to ground beef for tacos or sprinkle on chicken for the grill.

  • Diets which are rich in cumin can help to lower blood sugar in mice.

  • Stronger flavor and an authentic taste of Mexican dishes.


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