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Refresh Green gram or organic Moong whole is a prominent part of the Indian daily diet. It can be eaten either whole (with or without skin) or as bean sprouted. Refresh Moong whole is 100% organic.

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Moong beans are a part of the legume family. Mostly, they are cultivated on farms in western & central India as a rain/Kharif crop, normally harvested in October- November month. Green Gram or Moong whole is an essential part of the Indian diet. It is used as an important ingredient for the preparation of savoury and sweet dishes. Moong beans are the most cherished foods items. When they are cooked with spices they are nourishing and relatively easy to digest, they do not create abdominal gas or bloating in the human body.

Ways to use Refresh Organic Moong Whole:-

  • Refresh Organic Moong Whole is a very common ingredient that people consume on daily basis at lunch/dinner. It is used to make dals, khichdis, chilla and many types of snacks. It is also used in many snacks and salads.

Benefits of Refresh Organic Moong Whole:-

  • Moong whole is a rich source of B Vitamins that help to produce new cells.
  • It is rich in antioxidants which help to kill free radicals and lower inflammation.
  • Moong whole greatly contributes to fulfilling daily protein requirements.
  • It contains zero cholesterol which is why it is deemed to be heart healthy.
  • 100% organic product. No additives, chemicals and pesticides included.


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