Organic Moth Whole - 5 KG

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Refresh Organic moth whole are little dark coloured bean that are yellow in shade from inside. They have a solid gritty smell and rich nutty flavour.

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Made In: India
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Moth whole beans are small brown beans with a yellow interior. These beans have a strong earthy aroma and rich nutty flavour. They are also known as haricot or dew beans. Organic Moth beans have a good amount of nutrients like magnesium, copper and zinc. Commonly known as matki, moth beans are used in meals like upma and poha. They are also processed as a dal to make various types of delicious lentils. Moth or dew beans are a powerhouse of protein and other nutrients and are cooked with different vegetables for a staple curry.

Ways to Use Refresh Organic Moth Whole:-

Refresh Organic Moth Whole can be ground-ed into flour to make several Indian dishes. It is also used in the preparation of various snacks. Moth whole can be a part of fresh vegetable salad also.

Benefits of Organic Moth Whole:-

  • Moth bean seeds are a potential reservoir of protein and essential minerals and vitamins that make them an essential supplement of a perfect diet.

  • It contains high antioxidants, balances cholesterol levels and reduces the risk of heart disease.

  • Enhances immune system and lowers stress level.

  • Helps in the repair of muscles and bones.

  • 100% organic and certified product.


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