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Refresh Organic Multigrain Atta is the perfect mixture of essential grains that are normally not included in our daily diet. This atta consists of the goodness of several grains and it is more nutritional than any other atta.

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Refresh Organic Multigrain atta is a mixture of several essential grains and so its nutritional value is more than that of single grain flour. The atta is made of grains like wheat, quinoa, rice parmal, soyabean and pearl barley. It fulfills daily requirements of essential nutrients like fibre, protein, calcium and many other essential vitamins and minerals. Organic Multigrain atta is truly wholesome because it is made from whole grains. Including multigrain atta in your diet will help you feel more active and energetic.

Ways to use Refresh Organic Multigrain Atta:-

  • Considered as a staple food in India, Rotis, chapatis and parathas are made from atta. Multigrain flour is used to make fluffy and delicious rotis and phulkas. The atta is extremely nutritious and gives a distinct taste as a mixture of several grains.

Benefits of Refresh Organic Multigrain Atta:-

  • Multigrain atta is a rich source of fiber. It fills the stomach and improves digestion.
  • High protein content helps to improve body strength.
  • Multigrain atta increases metabolism level and provides energy.
  • 100% pure and certified organic multigrain atta.
  • Helps to make your meals more nutritious and tasty.

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