Organic Puffed Bajra

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Benefits of Organic Puffed Bajra - Rich in fat, protein and minerals, Free of trans fats and preservatives and Contains calcium, iron, potassium and B-complex
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Puffed Bajra also known as pearl millet, is a power packed grain and can be considered as a super food. It is loaded with insoluble fiber which help in losing weight, reducing cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Naturally rich in calcium, iron, potassium and vitamin B-complex, Organic Bajra mixed with salt, edible oil, red chilli and black pepper gives a crunchy texture coated with desirable taste.

Refresh Organic Puffed Bajra grants a profoundly crunchy surface and alluring flavor. Puffed bajra is mostly used as a method for creating low-fat bite and advantageous nourishment for bolstering school and young students.

Benefits of Organic Puffed Bajra:

  • Rich in fat, protein and minerals.

  • Free of trans fats and preservatives.

  • It contains calcium, iron, potassium and B-complex.

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