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Organic Punjabi Masala

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Benefits of Organic Punjabi Masala - 100% pure and Organic with no additives

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Organic Punjabi Masala Powder has a rounded peppery spiced flavor with aromatic rose petals and citrus taste. It is an excellent masala used to prepare curries of Indian Punjabi dishes.

Refresh Organic Punjabi Masala powder has an adjusted peppery spiced season with fragrant flower petals and citrus notes. A magnificent curry powder, this punjabi garam masala is a customary masala of the Punjab area, prevalent in north region of India.

Benefits of Organic Punjabi Masala:

  • 100% pure and Organic with no additives.

  • Adds flavor to all varieties of punjabi food, curries, dals.

  • Spices possess their own individual benefits.


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