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Organic Ragi Flour

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Benefits of Organic Ragi Flour - Rich in calcium, iron and protein and Contains dietary fiber

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Organic Ragi Flour is also a rich source of fiber and helps to lower level of cholesterol. Organic Ragi Atta is the best food for weight control, diabetes and cooling the human body. Some major ragi recipes include — dosa, vermicili, kanji, malt, ragi balls,roti,etc.

Refresh Organic Ragi Atta is low in fat proportion and a fair source of protein. Regular consumption of ragi whole promotes optimum weight, controls blood sugar and sound mind.

Benefits of Organic Ragi Flour:

  • Ragi flour is rich in calcium, iron and protein and contains dietary fiber.

  • Refresh's organic ragi is good to control high blood pressure.

  • Ragi based food items are highly suited for expecting mothers and aged people as there is high proportion of calcium and iron in it.

  • Ragi is well known for helping lose weight and shedding off those extra calories and reduce the appetite and helps in managing weight.


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