Organic Rajma Red - 5 KG

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Benefits of Organic Rajma Red - High in iron, magnesium and vitamin B7 and Contains dietary fibres

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Rajma or red kidney beans are mature, dried beans that are normally stored in bulk. Organic Rajma has high proportion of fiber, strong flavor and are used to prepare distinct food items like rajma curry in combination with fragrant spices such as cumin, coriander and amchur. Rajma that are dark red in color and kidney shaped are considered to be superior in quality.

Refresh Organic rajma red or red kidney beans are known for their high fiber. It has a solid flavor used to make rajma curry in blend with fragrant flavors, for example, cumin, coriander and amchur.

Benefits of Organic Rajma Red:

  • Red Kidney Beans are rich with Potassium and Manganese and it provides Iron, Proteins, Fibre and many more nutrients to human body.

  • Kidney beans are rich in Vitamin B1, which contributes greatly to healthy cognitive functions and boosts concentration and memory.

  • Manganese in kidney beans help body’s antioxidant defenses ensures that the harmful free radicals are properly and efficiently destroyed.

  • It strengthens immunity system.

  • The magnesium present in rajma beans helps in preventing migraine headaches.


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