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Organic Red Chili flakes

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Benefits of Organic Red Chili flakes - Stimulates metabolism, Prevents fat storage and Clears congestion during cold, flu and allergies

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Red chili flakes is a spice which comes from mild red chili and is equally valued for its taste and its bright red color, derived from capsanthin. Chili flakes is made from small, round, flavored and sweet-fleshed chilies that are sun-dried and hand grounded. The rich color of flakes enhances the visual appeal of foods and it also can be used as for flavoring component. It is used as a seasoning ingredient in any savory food, including vegetable curries, stews, creamy sauces, pastas, pizza, in tomato dishes and salads.

Refresh Organic Red Chili Flakes has a flavor which originates from a gentle red bean stew. Red chilli flakes is known for its taste and its brilliant red shading, got from capsanthin. Besides improving the visual of the food, it also adds to the flavoring.

Benefits of Organic Red Chili Flakes:

  • Improves the immune system.

  • Stimulates metabolism.

  • Prevents fat storage.

  • Clears congestion during cold, flu and allergies.

  • It helps to boost metabolism, decrease hunger, decrease pain and possibly fight prostate cancer.


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