Organic Red Chilli Powder Supreme

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Refresh Organic red chilli powder supreme can be utilized to supplement curries and add warmth to different cuisines and dishes. Chilli powder is often used as it is strong and sultry in quality. Mirchi powder brings hot and fiery taste to your dish.

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Red chilli powder supreme has strong red color and is less spicy. It is used primarily for spice blends and in dishes where colour is the main concern. It is deep red in color because of the pigment called Carpathian and is known for biting pungency attributed by capsaicin. It is used in moderate amount, and adds a lovely red glow and sharp flavours to dishes. Chilli powder can be used as a rub or mixed with oil for marinades on paneer or any sliced vegetables.

Ways to use Refresh Organic Red Chilli Powder Supreme:-

Refresh Organic Red Chilli Powder Supreme is a premium quality red chili spice. Every Indian savoury dish needs an element of spice. It is used typically in curries and stews.

Benefits of Organic Red Chilli Powder Supreme:-

  • Provides hot and spicy taste to various dishes.

  • Premium quality spice that is 100% natural and pure.

  • Imparts its natural flavour and colour to different meals.

  • Lowers inflammation in the lungs.

  • Fights against free radicals and detoxifies the internal system.

  • 100% organic and certified product.


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