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Organic Roasted Cumin Powder

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Benefits of Organic Roasted Cumin Powder - Prevents food-borne illnesses, Improves blood cholesterol and Fights Inflammation

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Cumin Roasted Powder widely known as Jeera, has excellent smell along with superior taste. Also, the powder form of cumin can be used as a spice to add flavor to numerous dishes. One of the most popular spices, cumin is extremely aromatic, with a warm, spicy, slightly bitter, earthy flavor. Cumin powder is beige in color, warm, nutty aroma and a taste that is bitter, but not hot. Jeera powder is usually used to flavor rice, stuffed vegetables, many savory dishes and curries.

Refresh Organic Roasted Cumin Powder, broadly known as Jeera has amazing smell alongside good taste. It adds flavor to various dishes with its warm, zesty, somewhat severe, gritty flavor.

Benefits of Organic Roasted Cumin Powder:

  • Prevents food-borne illnesses.

  • Improves blood cholesterol.

  • Fights Inflammation.

  • It contains beneficial plant compounds.

  • The most common use of cumin is that it helps in indigestion.


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