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Organic Sesame White Dehulled

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Benefits of Organic Sesame White Dehulled - Rich source of vitamin B1 (thiamin), Contains dietary fiber, phytosterol, magnesium and calcium and Has vitamin E

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Organic Sesame White Dehulled seeds are flat, tiny and uniform in size and are white colored, ready for use in cookery and confectionery. It is rich in protein and Oil and offer good potential for domestic as well as export market in the confectionery industry. Natural White Dehulled seeds are used to add texture, taste and aesthetic value to the variety of bakery products like bread, bread sticks, soups sticks, cookies, sesame bars and also as an additive to cereal mixes and crackers. They serve as a flavoring agent in many dishes and ultimately adds rich taste to the food.

Refresh Organic White Dehulled Sesame seeds are high level, modest and uniform in size. White sesame seeds are rich in protein and fiber. Broadly utilized for confectioneries, sesame dehulled seed are also used to include surface, taste and stylish incentive to various baked items.

Benefits of Organic Sesame White Dehulled:

  • Rich sources of vitamin B1 (thiamin), dietary fiber, phytosterol, magnesium and calcium and vitamin E.

  • They have high demand in the market for its gastronomic characteristics.

  • Nutritious Source of Plant Protein.

  • Lower Cholesterol and Triglycerides and Blood Pressure.

  • Helps to reduce inflammation.


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