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Organic Shahjeera

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Benefits of Organic Shahjeera - Promotes weight loss, Aids digestion and Controls cholesterol levels

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Shahjeeara is the black variety of cumin seeds. The fruits are usually used as whole and have a pungent, anise-like flavor and aroma that comes from essential oils, mostly carvone and limonene. Jeera an Indian Spice is also used in desserts, liquors, casseroles, curry and other foods. It has a pungent flavor and are often used as a spice. Its exotic and flowery aroma is mainly used as a seasoning and is excellent to resolve the digestive problems.

Refresh Organic Shahjeera offers an exotic and elegant smell, utilized as a flavoring component for various cuisines. Shahjeera (Caraway Seeds) is the dark assortment of cumin seeds, having an impactful, anise-like flavor and smell that originates from fundamental oils.

Benefits of Organic Shahjeera:

  • Promotes weight loss.

  • Aids digestion and controls cholesterol levels.

  • Jeera is a rich source of iron and dietary fibres.

  • Helps build strength postpartum.

  • Boosts Immunity.


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