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Organic Wheat Chakki Atta

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Benefits of Organic Wheat Chakki Atta - Provides iron, calcium and protein and Contains dietary fibres, sodium and other nutrients

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Organic Wheat Chakki Atta is made by grinding of wheat and is a good source of selenium and magnesium, which are essential for good health. It isn't just free from synthetic compounds and pesticides, but is exceptionally tasty and easy to digest and in this way is excellent for being healthy.

Refresh Wheat Chakki Atta has protein, gluten content of 9%, medium hardness, fine and crumbly texture, extraction efficiency of less than 69% and is good for making creamy white chapattis.

Benefits of Organic Wheat Chakki Atta:

  • Wheat Chakki Atta is rich in Fiber and Vitamin B-Complex which is good for nerves and metabolism.

  • It helps to dissolve the starch in our body and also relaxes the GI tract.

  • Good texture and taste.

  • Provides adequate amount of iron, calcium and protein.


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