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Bath Salt

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There is nothing as soothing as a relaxing bath after a hectic day or for starting your day. It not only makes you clean but also calms you down. Bath salt is a must-have for rejuvenating while bathing. 

Re:fresh has introduced a range of bath salt to offer you an undeniably splendid bathing experience. They are infused with many essential vitamins and minerals such as Epsom salt, Himalayan Pink Salt, Sodium Bicarbonate and Essential oil. These all ingredients are found to be very beneficial to skin and hair health. Epsom salt can soothe muscle pain, relives excess headaches and stress, heals skin problems and helps the skin in various other ways. Essential oils deep moisturize the skin and keep it soft. Bath salt is an excellent exfoliator too. It gently removes dirt and dead cells from the skin and makes it glowing. Detoxifying properties of bath salt remove harmful toxins from the body.

Re:fresh Bath Salts are available in 5 enchanting fragrances. Re:fresh Jasmine Bath Salt adds a sweet floral fragrance to your bathing time. Re:fresh Green Apple Bath Salt can excite your senses with a zesty aroma. Re:fresh Mogra Bath Salt has a pleasant floral fragrance that can instantly calm your senses. The citrusy fragrance of Re:fresh Lemon Bath Salt offers you the most refreshing bath. The delicate and calming floral fragrance with a hint of evergreen woodsy tone makes Re:fresh Lavender Bath Salt, the best of all.

Don’t let your skin wait anymore. Indulge in the most relaxing bath with a range of Re:fresh Bathing Salts.

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