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Most of the food produced today has become increasingly commercialized and at Praakritik, we want to bring back a sense of belongingness in food that you can trust.

Praakritik translates to “of the nature”. It was started by my aunt, Richa who initiated by supporting just one gaushala. She knew the benefits of Desi Gir Cows and believed that every household should have the best form of natural products. She started from home, by supplying hand churned vedic processed ghee and propagating the health benefits it had. She taught me the importance of cow’s milk, its dung and urine and its importance in farming. By spreading the same education and awareness to farmers and consumers we helped farmers to GROW ORGANIC and consumers to GO ORGANIC taking one step at a time.
She left for her heavenly abode at the age of 34 but her cause did not. Today, we continue to support many farmers and gaushalas to bring clean, natural & organic produce to our consumers.

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