Why Refresh

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    Why Refresh products?

    All Refresh products undergo the strictest quality checks and are certified by the most stringent certification agencies in the world.

    Not just certification, with a view to offer the best quality products, our processing & value addition is also compliant with Food Safety Management System.

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    What Kind of products do we offer ?

    You can choose from our wide range of organic food product categories - Cereals, Flours and Atta, Healthy Grain and Dalia, Day to day needs, Dal & Pulses, Snacks, Dry Fruits & Pasta, Ready to Eat, Chutney & Spread, Masala & Spices, Herbs & Seasoning and Health Booster

Why Organic

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    Difference between Pesticide free and conventionally grown foods?

    Organic fertilization result in lower nitrate concentrations in plants compared to conventional fertilization. High nitrogen application to crops does increase their crude protein concentration but diminishes the nutritional value of that protein. So, conventional fertilizing practices may deliver higher crude protein content but poor quality protein than organic practices. Organic fertilization, on the other hand yields food that is high in nutritional value which supports health, growth, and reproduction over successive generations of animals or humans.

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    How are Organic Products Different ?
    Chemical fertilizer & pesticides are used during the farming of Conventional product. Cultivation done without the use of chemical fertilizer & pesticides is called Organic farming. Vermicompost, Green leaf manures & similar natural product are used for Organic farming.
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    Why SwitchToOrganic?

    Organic is not just a healthy way of eating but also one which is guilt free. When we take care of the earth, it takes care of us too. That said, organic growing methods are far more gentle on the land and aim at improving sustainability.

Organic Food Taste

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    Does Pesticide free food taste better?

    Pesticide free food tastes better as it is grown in well-balanced soil. So, healthy plants not just works for your health but also have a great taste. Try Pesticide free food and see the difference.

Organic Food more Nutritious

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    Is Pesticide free food more nutritious than conventional food?

    Epidemiological studies have revealed that food that is free from pesticide reduce the frequency and severity of various health problems. A nutrient decline study of the US Department of Agriculture on 43 garden crops found that there has been a significant decline in nutritional levels in Protein, Calcium, Iron, Phosphorus, Riboflavin and Ascorbic acid between 1950 and 1993. The decline ranged from 6% in Protein to 38% in Riboflavin due to modern farming methods involving high yielding hybrid varieties, poor soil fertility, depletion of soil micro nutrients and loss of soil micro organisms. The nutritional quality of Pesticide free foods is superior because of a natural ecosystem, soil fertility & conservation and non use of fertilizers and pesticide.

Organic Food Costly

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    Why does pesticide free food cost more?

    Pesticide free food may not necessarily always cost more. Sometimes their cost is equivalent to or even less than their conventional counterparts. The price of Pesticide free food reflects the real cost of growing crops. Pesticide free food farmers do not receive any subsidies unlike the conventional farmers. Moreover pesticide-free farms are usually smaller in size and hence do not get the benefit from the economies of scale. With time, as the demand and supply for Pesticide free food increases, the cost will alleviate.

Pesticide Free Food

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    How do i know product is Organic or not ?

    A pesticide-free label on the package indicates whether the product is pesticide-free or not. Usually, an internationally recognized body certifies these products and a pesticide-free seal is put to pledge for the quality and authenticity of pesticide-free products. Pesticide free certified operations must have a pesticide-free system plan and records to confirm that the plan is adhered to in its day to day operations.

Account Creation and Payments

Purchasing Process

Shipping and Delivery Information

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    Do you charge for home delivery?

    Yes, based on the Pincode shipping fee is charged separately.

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    Which cities in India do you deliver?

    We deliver in 250 plus cities/towns across India! Our mission is to make pesticide-free food easily available to Indian households.

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    What if my city/town is not listed in your delivery cities list?

    DO NOT place your order online if your city is not listed. Don't lose heart. We will try to go out of the way and deliver pesticide-free food to your home. Send your complete address with Pin Code to 'customercare@refreshyourlife.in' and we will communicate if we can deliver to your city or not.

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    Once I place an order, how soon can I get the same delivered to my home?

    Your order usually ships within 2 to 4 business days after you place your order online. We don't ship on weekends or holidays.Our estimated delivery time is 6-8 business days.

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    How do you ship liquid items like edible oils, ghee, juices?

    Liquid items are packed in bottles and these bottles are in turn packed in cartons before being shipped. Please note, as per the Airlines' rules and regulations, it is not permissible to ship liquid items like oil, ghee, juices, etc., by air.

    If your order includes these products, your order will not be shipped via air. This might result in delay in delivery as the mode of transport will be surface and not air.

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    Will all my order items remain intact during transit?

    Since we are dealing in food items, so we pay attention in packaging and use special cartons for the same. Our home delivery courier agency has been instructed to take due care and ensure that you receive your order items in a good condition.

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    Do I have to be home to receive my delivery?

    No. If you're not present to receive your shipment, someone else from your family or neighbourhood can receive and sign on your behalf.

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    What happens if I miss my delivery?

    If you miss receiving your order, don't worry; one of our customer service associates will contact you and reschedule delivery again as per your availability

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    Why Does my shipment status shows as Return to Origin (RTO) ?

    Shipments are reflected as RTO (Returned To Origin) under the following circumstances:

    • You were not available when the courier person reached your address
    • The address provided was insufficient
    • You were not contactable on the number you provided
    • You refused to accept the delivery

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    The Tracking number / AWB that i received is incorrect ?

    Usually courier companies take up to 48 hours to update their system with details of the AWB number. If your package was recently shipped, tracking might only become available after 24-48hrs. We request you to retry the AWB number after 24 hours. If it has been more than 48 hours since you received the AWB number.

    For any details or queries please get in touch with our Customer Care immediately. Give us a call on +91 9909020696 , Monday-Saturday (10 AM - 7 PM) or drop us an email at marketing@refreshyourlife.in

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    Shipping timeline is over however my product has not been shipped ?

    We sincerely apologize for this delay. If your product has not been shipped on time, please contact our Customer Service team. We will take necessary steps to ensure that you receive your item soon.

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    Can you expedite my shipment

    No. We anyways ship across the items as soon as they are ready for dispatch. Our shipping timelines are decided keeping in mind the time it might take to have the item made, checked, packed and dispatched. Therefore we do not have the ability to expedite your shipments.

    Still you can contact our customer care for any details or queries, Give us a call on +91 9909020696 , Monday-Saturday (10 AM - 7 PM) or drop us an email at marketing@refreshyourlife.in , we will try our level best.

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    Can you ship my order through a specific courier agency ?

    No. We have tie-ups with reputed shipping companies to ensure fast and safe delivery of products. Logistic partners are chosen depending on various factors like their service availability, prompt delivery and many more

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    Will I receive all the items in my order at same time ?

    For your convenience, we try to ship all products for an order together. In some cases when items are not available at time, we may ship separately at no extra charge.

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    How do I change my Shipping address after my order is been placed ?

    You can please get in touch with our Customer Care immediately. Give us a call on +91 9909020696 , Monday-Saturday (10 AM - 7 PM) or drop us an email at marketing@refreshyourlife.in

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    Where will the delivery personnel deliver the products? Will that be delivered to my floor?

    Yes, your order will be delivered at door step.

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    How will I know that you have received my Order ?

    Once items have been ordered, a confirmation page will appear on the screen confirming the order. An email with the order details will be sent immediately to the registered email ID, provided that we have an accurate email address. For any details or queries please get in touch with our Customer Care immediately. Give us a call on +91 9909020696 , Monday-Saturday (10 AM - 7 PM) or drop us an email at marketing@refreshyourlife.in. We'll send subsequent email(s) when your product is processed, shipped, including tracking information (if available).

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    How can i Track my Order

    Your order status is updated to you via emails and SMSs at every step. We update you at every stage of your product' processing. For any details or queries please get in touch with our Customer Care immediately. Give us a call on +91 9909020696 , Monday-Saturday (10 AM - 7 PM) or drop us an email at marketing@refreshyourlife.in. An email is sent to you after the order is shipped that contains the Docket Number and tracking URL. You can also type the tracking number in the tracking section on the website of the service provider (e.g. Bluedart). The order status would provide detailed information on your package.

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    What about Delivery Delays?

    Sometimes deliveries can be delayed due to issues like bad weather, breakdowns or other issues not in our direct control. Though we will communicate about the same and do our best to deliver your order to your doorstep at the earliest.

Refunds, Returns and Cancellations Policy

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    What if the product is Expired ?

    You can please get in touch with our Customer Care immediately. Give us a call on +91 9909020696 , Monday-Saturday (10 AM - 7 PM) or drop us an email at marketing@refreshyourlife.in

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    How will I Receive refund ?
    As per the Refund Return & Replacement policy, if you are eligible for Refund, we will process your refund within 15 business days of receiving the returned product in its original packaging. The refund period includes time taken to complete the refund process by Refresh but excludes any delays on part of banks/ card issuers.
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    What if the packaging of the product is damaged upon delivery ?

    If upon delivery of the product, you discover that the product packaging has been opened or is damaged, please do not accept the package. You can open the package in front of the courier delivery person and mention the damage if any on the Air way bill and immediately notify our Customer Care team. As per the Refund,Return and Replacement Policy we will replace product, depending on product availability. You can get in touch with our Customer Care immediately. Give us a call on +91 9909020696 , Monday-Saturday (10 AM - 7 PM) or drop us an email at marketing@refreshyourlife.in

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    What is your Refund or Replacement Policy ?

    Where there is a shortage or failure to deliver, or any defect in or damage to a goods or service, we may at our option:
    (a) In the case of goods shortage or non-delivery, make good for any such shortage or non-delivery and/or
    (b) in the case of damage or any defect(s) in the goods and in accordance,
    (i)  Replace or repair the goods upon you returning the goods; or; 

    (ii) Refund the price paid in respect of any goods proved to be damaged or defective

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    Can i Cancel an Order Placed ?
    Orders once placed and confirmed cannot be changed or cancelled. Payment made towards such orders shall not be refunded & goods shall be delivered as per shipping policy.
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    How much is GST on your products?

    Each food product has a different tax rate under GST. Majority of items fall under 5% category, GST tax rate of few items are 12% or 18% as per the GST tax policy

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    Is GST included in price?

    Yes GST is included in the price of our products.

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    Can I take input credit for the GST i pay on products?

    Yes, you can take input credit for the GST you pay on our products. Please enter the GSTIN number at the time of placing the order with the other relevant details. Also, make sure you send us an email for the same with your order details, so that the input credit could be approved by our finance team in the GST server.

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    What is an Eway bill and is it required ?

    As per the GST law, any shipment over Rs. 50,000 will require Eway bill for the movement of products within and outside the state. Therefore if your shipment is above Rs. 50,000 Eway bill will be required for the same.

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    Do i have to generate Eway Bill or give any other document for the same ?
    Any shipment over Rs. 50,000 will require Eway bill irrespective of a consumer or a reseller / company. Eway bill can be generated by you or we can also do the needful based on your convenience. You have to provide few details to us for generating Eway bill. Please note that this is a mandatory procedure under the GST law and we do not have any control over the same.

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