Re:fresh - A single brand with multiple categories, High-quality products, wide variety, right price

Re:fresh is an initiative by the NJ group to enhance the quality of life in our society. Refresh brings a new wave in the FMCG industry by setting a high bar for the quality of products used in day to day life. Re:fresh is a trusted brand that provides seamless online shopping experience.

Re:fresh believes in delivering nothing but the best. We offer a wide variety of high-quality curated products - personal care items, food products items. home care products , ayurveda items, and pooja products items.  Every category is unique in its own way with a wide variety in products, and together they make Re:fresh, a one of a kind umbrella brand. All our products are authentic, meet quality standards and possess protective product packaging. Re:fresh is a multi-category brand that provides all the products you need on a daily basis, at the right price and with the assurance of quality and safety.

Single Brand, Multiple Categories.

A diverse set of product categories is sold under a single brand name, Re:fresh. All the product categories comprise a wide range of items and their multiple variants. The idea behind this is to provide customers with equal measure of confidence and assurance for every Re:fresh product they buy. In e-commerce, buying different products means checking the brand and quality of each of the companies associated with those products. We want to provide customers with a simplified online shopping experience by offering multiple product categories through a single brand.

Curated & Good Quality Products.

Whether it’s food products, personal care items, home care products or Ayurvedic items, Refresh promises to offer genuine, effective and high-quality curated products. Every category provides a curated set of products that meet the expectations and preferences of urban India. Every age group can use Re:fresh products with a complete sense of faith and assurance.

Right Price.

Re:fresh offers you the best of both the worlds. By offering the convenience of online shopping and budget-friendly products, Re:fresh aims to be the trusted brand that promises to offer customers a seamless experience each time. All the products of Re:fresh have competitive prices when it comes to e-commerce. Re:fresh offers a wide variety of good quality curated products at the right price.

Simplified Online Experience, Delivery Across India

User-friendly website, verified payment options and door-step delivery all across India are some of the few things that make Re:fresh a one-stop online destination to buy all daily-used products. Multiple product categories and wide variety adds to the simplified shopping experience that Re:fresh offers.



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