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Refresh Organic Brown Sugar is natural brown sugar with molasses content that is nutritional and flavourful. Organic Brown sugar is a healthy and sustainable diet choice for regular sugar needs.

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Refresh Organic Brown Sugar is made by adding sugarcane molasses to refined sugar crystals. Brown sugar is made to control the ratio of molasses to sugar crystals. Refresh Brown sugar is slightly darker in colour and contains more minerals and vitamins as compared to refined white sugar. The molasses content in them is higher which is why they are considered healthier as compared to brown sugar. Brown sugar is more flavourful too and consists of a distinct type of moistness.

Ways to use Refresh Organic Brown Sugar:-

  • Refresh Organic Brown Sugar is often used in beverages like tea and coffee. It can be also used in desserts and breakfast meals. People who are health conscious prefer Brown sugar over refined sugar.

Benefits of Refresh Organic Brown Sugar:-

  • Refresh Brown Sugar can boost your body’s energy and make you feel more active.
  • Brown sugar helps to make recipes that require moisture and density, especially desserts and baked products.
  • It undergoes less processing than refined sugar and hence provides more nutrition.
  • It can be a perfect and healthier substitute of white sugar to use in your daily beverage requirements.
  • Chemical and adulteration free brown sugar.
  • 100% organic and certified product.

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